Nicht mal eine Woche sind wir hier, schon lasse ich mein Telefon im Taxi liegen. Es wird auf der Straße für angeblich 130 € verhökert. Der neue Besitzer schlussfolgert, dass es gestohlen oder verloren wurde und nimmt Kontakt zu mir auf. Ich versuche, es ihm abzukaufen und es dauert fast 3 Wochen, bis wir uns einig sind und die Übergabe erfolgreich stattfinden kann.



i have your phone,i wanna keep it but i intend to upload to you your photos,videos and contact if you need it before i will erase all contents inside,may be i can give you also your 2 sim cards if u want them


thank you for the offer to give me my data but i have another proposal.

What do i have to pay to buy the phone back from you?

If this is not an option for you, getting back the 2 sim cards would be great.



Very difficult and risky when i saw that the phone is loosen/stolen,i buy it on the fly and when i had a time to see inside it,i think maybe its important to give to back to you your data.i will prepare them to send them to a sharing site,with access code of course then you could delete them when you finsh your download.

I can give you at last your 02 sim cards,what the best way that suit you?i think i'll put them on a public area and i make a little plan after.


I tried to download the data from the link you sent to me but "This transfer is no longer available".

Maybe you deleted it and we can come to some sort of agreement?

I don't blame anyone for this situation but me. I lost the phone and someone was lucky to find it and make money out of it. I don't want to cause you trouble, i like this phone very much and maybe we can find a way to profit from this situation?

It would be very interesting to know, what you payed and maybe i can offer you more?



sorry to response you later,the link is invalid because i tried lot of sharing site,the last was fine and i'll give you the link ,i dont remember it now,for the phone i buy it 450.000Ar,i dont know what the secured method i give it back to you, if you like this phone,it doesn't matter to me to give you back it,i tried to be in your place and i think may be it has a sentimental value for you and i dont want to keep it but i m affraid also for me,i just buy it and i dont' want a problem .

Thank you for uploading the data, it is great that you do this for me. I need the sim cards and i would be grateful if you could place them somewhere, so i can pick them up.

I would give you 700.000 Ar for the phone and your troubles if we could find a way to exchange them.

I don't want to cause you problems and i like this phone very much. Maybe a courier/messenger? Someone you can trust?

I accept your proposal and if we can find a way to exchange maybe it preferable i puts the sim cards inside the phone but you know,find someone to go to you can be very diffucult,what about money mobile and i send the phone via courier?

I am very glad, that you accept. I can see that you are a good guy, but i want to be careful and exchange the phone and money directly. Perhaps a courier gives me the phone, when i give him the money.


I understand but the problem is vice-versa also,i must tell to the courier the nature of the exchange and how he react?will he accept? that a dilemma,where is your office or somewhere the place that suit?

i think sunday is better,it's depend where,send me sms via your local number 034xxxx inside the phone ,just sms,don't call

Erfolgreicher Abschluss

Ich finde es super, dass er mir meine Daten und SIM-Karten zukommen lassen wollte. Die 700.000 Ariary, die ich als "Finderlohn" vorgeschlagen hatte, sind umgerechnet 200€.

Nach mehreren SMS hatten wir uns für Sonntag, den 26. März, früh um 8 bei einem Einkaufszentrum verabredet. So früh stehe ich Sonntags nicht gern auf. Nachdem ich mehr als eine Stunde bei dem Einkaufszentrum gewartet und ihn zu erreichen versucht hatte, gab ich traurig auf.

Als er sich dann abends meldete, verabredeten wir uns an einer Tankstelle, wo ich dann nochmal eine halbe Stunde warten musste. Als er dann endlich kam, war ich sehr froh, mein Telefon zurückzuhaben und er war offensichtlich froh, ein gutes Geschäft gemacht zu haben.