Procedurally generated images, inside your browser.


"Patina is a thin layer that variously forms on the surface of [metals] or any similar acquired change of a surface through age and exposure."

This "Patina" is a JavaScript tool that lets you create worn out looking surfaces. Combine simple noise patterns to create complex textures with JavaScript.

createPattern border + createPattern wave + createPattern noise_1D + createPattern noise_1D =

It's neither efficient nor practical, but possible and fun for me. It is very much work in progress and i have to simplify lots of things before it is usable for anybody.

Don't use it on a webpage

This technology is not meant to be used on a websites like i use it on this one here. In my opinion JavaScript should be used to enhance the usability of a page and this is not what Patina does. Patina is purely decorative and because of its randomness it does not carry any information. On the web, we should not use the users device for calculating decorative pixels.

Use it to generate art

What Patina could be used for. Pixel based effects. Games or effects or organic art. I should really add the possibility to save the generated images.